Amendola stepped up when the Patriots needed him

Danny Amendola stepped up when the Patriots needed him, plus 6 other things we loved from Championship Sunday But Amendola did a little bit of everything for the Patriots and turned into the target that the Patriots thought he would be when they first brought him in for the 2013 season.

Now the Patriots will play in yet another Super Bowl, looking for their sixth title of the Brady-Belichick era.

We had no idea in the moment that the Vikings would have nothing else to celebrate for the rest of the NFL season after Kyle Rudolph’s opening drive touchdown reception.

The best meme from Sunday’s action came when a referee was seen smiling with a group of Patriots after a James White touchdown late in the first half: I mean, a referee with a joyous smile like that with a bunch of players from the NFL’s greatest dynasty, down in a game to one of the NFL’s dumpster teams in the AFC Championship game is hilarious if you assume the worst.

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