Braves payroll ranks in MLB

The Braves rank just below the middle of major league teams in player salaries this season, according to The Associated Press’ annual survey of opening-day payrolls.

The Los Angeles Dodgers opened this season with MLB’s highest payroll at $225.6 million, according to the AP’s study, which includes guaranteed salaries owed released players and adjustments for cash transactions in trades.

The next highest payrolls: Detroit Tigers ($199.8 million), New York Yankees ($195.3 million), San Francisco Giants ($181.5 million) and Boston Red Sox ($178.8 million).

In the Braves’ division the National League East the Washington Nationals have the highest payroll at $164.6 million, followed by the New York Mets at $155.6 million.

The Miami Marlins have a $120.2 million payroll, up 61 percent from last year, and the Philadelphia Phillies have a $111.9 million payroll.