Diamondbacks ownership considering change in the front office

Even though the current front office has missed on some deals, notably the Shelby Miller deal that included top pick Dansby Swanson, I think that two years isn’t enough to judge a program.

The article points out other teams who are experiencing success right now that might not have happened if the ownership group for their teams fired them in 2 years.

Moore built the Royals championship core through all those bad seasons, Dave Dombrowski built an AL pennant winning team just 3 seasons after losing 119 games, and Jon Daniels built the Rangers team that won consecutive pennants in 2010-11.

Moore and Daniels are still on their respective teams while Dombrowski is the GM of a Red Sox team fighting for an AL East pennant after getting an additional 12 seasons in Detroit.

If ownership is stopping the front office from executing their plans to make the team better over the long term, then how can the team improve? The earlier regimes had more time to fail, as Josh Byrnes lasted 2 1 2 seasons after the team’s playoff appearance in 2007 and Kevin Towers lasted 3 seasons after the team’s playoff appearance in 2011.

Unfortunately, both Tony LaRussa and Dave Stewart are both transitioning towards a front office role after being a field manager and player agent before taking their current job.

Segura has 2 more years of control after this season and Ray 4, so they are definitely still a part of the team’s plans.

The team has All-Star caliber players at 1B an CF in addition to budding stars in 3B Jake Lamb (once he remembers how to hit a baseball again), 2B Jean Segura, and LHP Robbie Ray.

While the front office made the mistake of prematurely thinking this team was ready to contend for the playoffs, that shouldn’t be held as the reason to fire them for one disappointing season.