Dodgers season is a rare one

On that jumping off point, what the Dodgers are doing right now is truly unlike anything we’ve seen in baseball history.

Doesn’t it really sum up how awesomely stupid baseball can be that one of the greatest teams in history can all of a sudden become one of the worst on a dime? As for the subject at hand, which are the internet’s best and most prestigious MLB Power Rankings, it was the easiest number one ranking, week-in, week-out, ever.

The Dodgers have now lost 16 of their last 18 games, having snapped an 11-game losing streak with Tuesday’s win.

It was the worst stretch in the history of the Dodgers’ long and storied franchise.

The Dodgers lost 11 in a 67-game stretch and prior to Tuesday had lost 11 in an 11-game stretch.

Obviously on the latter point of judgment, the Dodgers are the worst team in baseball right now.

I sometimes say that there isn’t a wrong answer when discussing something subjective here, but putting the team with the best record in baseball No.

Context matters and the Dodgers clearly aren’t the best team in baseball right now.

Think about the above statement again: Putting the team with the best record in baseball