Jimmy Garoppolo highest-paid player has only played 7 games

Garoppolo is 7-0 in his career as a starting quarterback, but the San Francisco 49ers weren’t going to let him get away after trading a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Is Josh McDaniels the next Patriots’ coach after Bill Belichick leaves? Bergin: McDaniels is the heir to Belichick in the same way Kirby Smart was set to take over for Nick Saban at Alabama.

Bill Belichick’s age 65 – Josh McDaniels age 41 = Difference of 24 years While McDaniels might be able to make more in the short-term as a head coach, only one of Belichick’s coaching disciples has a winning record as an NFL coach.

Belichick’s nine associates have a combined record of 156-227 (.407) as NFL head coaches.

Combine coaching stability with Andrew Luck’s questionable health, and you can’t blame McDaniels for returning to New England.

NFL head coaches make between $4-8 million per year, while an offensive coordinator sometimes makes more than $1 million.