Methods of Increasing Sales at a Public Golf Course

Golf courses provide golfers with the chance to hit the links and play nine or 18 holes with friends. Some of the top courses in the world are private courses that are only open to members and their guests, but many enthusiasts prefer the public courses that let anyone play. When you operate a public golf course, you need to know how to make more sales to increase your profits, which gives you more money for upgrades and maintenance. The top methods depend on what services and amenities you offer.

Use Concessions

Offering concessions is one of the top methods for increasing sales and profits. Concessions can include a small snack bar that offers cold and hot drinks and some basic snacks, but it can also include a full-service restaurant with a fully stocked bar. You may want to hire some drink gals and guys too. These workers take cold drinks out on the course and offer those drinks for sale to golfers. They earn tips from the people they serve and earn cash for your course at the same time.

Pro Shop Services

Not having a pro shop on-site is a major disservice to both your course and your guests. A pro shop is a small store that sells everything golfers might need. You can offer tees, balls and other accessories for those who forget theirs at home. Many shops offer clubs, bags and clothing for sale too. If you can afford to hire a pro to work for you, that pro can offer lessons and classes for beginners and anyone who needs a little help. The golf course gets a portion of what players spend on those lessons, and the pro gets a cut of each class too.

For Meetings and Groups

You’ll also want to show the public that your golf course is perfect for any type of special event like a business meeting or a wedding. This requires a clubhouse that has space for guests to dine and mingle. You can work with a local catering company and rental companies to provide guests with food and decorations for their events. Companies that offer golf management services can help too. These companies can handle the logistics of your course and find ways to increase your profits while managing the course. Any of these methods can help you easily increase your golf course’s profits.