NBA needs to fix this issue

NBA players and NBA referees are at loggerheads.

This is why it’s great to be a sports columnist in what other walk of life can you use the word “loggerheads” from time to time and make good money?) Referees are upset that players keep grousing about the officiating.

With Mark Cuban constantly harping on bad officiating, with replay stoppages cluttering the end of games, all the focus turns to the referees.

It hurts the health of the game to continually shine a light on officiating.

The worst manifestation of this is the NBA’s last-two-minute report, which assesses officials’ calls in games within five points at the two-minute mark until the final buzzer.

Complaining about the officiating in the middle of a game is like complaining about the rain while standing in the rain there’s nothing you can do about it, other than buy a $5 street umbrella that will break within five minutes.