Trump Playing Golf

The president will spend his next 17 days at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

According to the Alan Shipnuk piece, much of what a person would want to know about Donald Trump, they can learn by observing his relationship with golf.

From Trump’s loose relationship to the rules of the game to his creepy prioritizing of the needs of his golf courses over the lives of the people whose existences border them, to the way he uses his clubs to bully and extort property tax breaks out of municipalities, he’s unpleasant, disloyal, and committed, above anything else, to making himself feel good about himself.

The Sports Illustrated piece remarks that Trump often exaggerates his prowess, as President Trump tends to do about other things.

When Jackson said Trump cheated at golf, Trump denied the charges and said he’s never met Samuel L.

Still, Trump has never admitted to cheating, instead accusing those who accuse him of cheating of being bad at their jobs, or of not knowing Donald Trump.

Trump’s courses, like Trump himself, are more toxic artifice than nature.

The Sports Illustrated piece observes that Trump’s support of women’s golf has ingratiated him with female golfers.

SI notes that Trump claims to be an excellent golfer, but there’s little “official” record documenting this, and that calls to Trump courses asking for verification went unanswered.

When President Trump spends the next 17 days on his own golf course, he’ll spend it practicing his bad habits in an environment that tolerates and even encourages them.