YogiMania is here to stay

Ferrell led the Mavericks yes, led, in many ways to a 4-1 record during the deal, including outscoring Kyrie Irving in a win against Cleveland and hitting an NBA rookie record-tying nine 3s in a win at Portland.

Barea both out for the entirety of Ferrell’s contract, the rookie had the chance to instantly step into the starting point guard spot on a team full of veterans, running pick-and-rolls with perhaps the most point guard-friendly big man in the history of the NBA.

With just under three minutes left in the first quarter of Ferrell’s debut, the rookie caught a pass in the corner late in the shot clock and, instead of shooting an open 3, swung the ball up to the wing.

You have to remember, though, Ferrell was in his first game as a point guard for the Mavericks, surrounded by veteran players who are paid handsomely to shoot the ball.

Ferrell did plenty of that at Indiana, scoring more than 17 points per game as a senior en route to All-American honors.

Later in that game, Ferrell would hit two free throws to ice the game, ending with nine points, seven assists, and no turnovers.

But while Barea had exceptional quickness earlier in his career and developed a craftier game as he aged, Ferrell has speed and burst that Barea and, frankly, many other NBA point guards never possessed.

Once he committed to Ferrell, and not to Barnes, Ferrell mixed in a ball-fake and delivered a bounce pass to Barnes for a layup.

The Mavs’ starting lineup alongside Ferrell during his run Seth Curry, Wesley Matthews, Barnes, and Nowitzki has produced 116.4 points per 100 possessions in 71 minutes together, against just 98.8 points allowed.

Both Ferrell and Curry can handle the ball, run pick-and-roll, and make plays both for themselves and their teammates.