Serena raises eyebrows and frustrations withdrawing from tournaments

The sicknesses and injuries are nagging and disgusting at times but the young girl and her older sister from Compton, California, who learned on the mean courts of a neighborhood not know for their country club ‘sit back and have a refreshment after tennis’ mantra was never discouraged from playing this sport.

It might have started last year that Serena didn’t just retire at some matches because of the ailments but started withdrawing.

Ailments, injuries and sicknesses will prevail the tennis player, we all know that but during the stretch of time when Serena had withdrew from tournament after tournament, she had also been active with doing other things that were more than just sitting at a desk or reorganizing her schedule laying across a couch.

In 2015, Serena appeared on The David Letterman Show and they had an exhibition in the street near his studio on 53rd Street in Manhattan, where a makeshift tennis court was set up, fans abound as Serena came tipping out in stiletto heels on the concrete of New York City, to hit some balls with Dave.

Tournament directors have realized the ‘hit’ they are taking when ticket sales have slipped considerably and are also thinking like everyone else if this ‘withdrawal syndrome’ may be an extension of her not playing well enough to fight her competitors for a win or will it not be long before Serena goes out in a ‘blaze of withdrawals’ to permanent retirement? At this time eyebrows are being raised with more withdrawals and frustrations persisting; only Serena can stop the doubts and whispers from growing loud if she only just comes back and plays tournaments again without reasons beyond an unreasonable doubt.