Soccer player goes international

Although she’s been a standout soccer player for the Pennington School, East Windsor native Megan Porras had never considered playing international soccer.

Until she got a call from Walter Bustamante, a retired American soccer midfielder who played professionally and then opened the Walter Bustamante Soccer Academy.

Bustamante had been impressed with Porras’ soccer skills and had spoken with coaches of the Peruvian national soccer team about getting Porras a tryout.

Born in the United States to Peruvian and Dominican parents, Porras holds citizenship in all three countries, making her eligible to play for Peru.

“Of course it’s a great experience to play at such a high level, but there are other things that I am looking forward to,” said Porras.

Porras started three of the four games for Peru, but was forced to sit out the final game after suffering a collision in the third game.

She has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old and according to Porras, the Pennington girls soccer team is like a second family to her.