Tyus Jones pay rate in next contract?

With contracts booming in the NBA at the moment, just how much money is Tyus Jones looking at on his next contract, and is it worth it for the Wolves to keep him around? Currently in his third year, Jones is yet to have a salary exceeding $2 million, although with the Wolves’ exercising their team option on him for next year shortly before the start of this season, Jones will receive a $2.5 million paycheck for the 2018-19 season.

I asked some of my fellow contributors here at Dunking With Wolves for their opinion on what Jones’ next contract should be worth, and three year $18-20 million contract was the most popular option, with all agreeing that the Timberwolves’ should try to retain Jones, and that his play this year had increased his worth.

While Jones and Crawford are in a much different point in their careers, I think the blueprint of the Crawford deal could work for retaining Jones for the future.

Crawford’s career achievements and experience are balanced out by Jones’ youth and potential, and while Crawford signed what may be one of, if not the, last deal for him in the NBA, Jones is signing his first as a free agent.

The two-year, $9 million contract signed by Crawford would line up with a four-year, $18 million deal for Jones, who has more playing years left in him and a potential to breakout even further as an NBA star.

Tyus Jones is currently enjoying a breakout season that Wolves’ fans hope will continue into the last year of his rookie contract next season.