How about Denver with 43-point third quarter

The Golden State Warriors completed their three-game road trip that started in LA against the Clippers and continued in San Antonio with a resounding 127-108 win over the Denver Nuggets on Saturday at the Pepsi Center.

In helping earn the team’s third straight victory, Stephen Curry secured his first double-double of the season by way of 22 points and 11 assists.

It was the first time ever that the Nuggets allowed two players to have 22-plus points, four-plus triples, and seven-plus assists in the same game.

Draymond Green played a solid all-around game with 15 points, seven rebounds and eight assists.

The Nuggets made 13 more free throws than the Warriors, but the shooting percentage and 3-point shooting made the difference.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors needed only three quarters to finish off the Nuggets in Denver.

In the third, it got to the point that the Warriors were just toying with the Nuggets.

After failing to convert a 4-point play opportunity earlier in the third quarter, Steph Curry hits a step-back 3-pointer and, this time, hits from the charity stripe.

Golden State exploded for 43 points in that third quarter, giving the defending champs some nice rest for the starters in the final quarter.

The Warriors turned the ball over only 13 times, an improvement from their ball security in the first handful of games.