NFL fans are boycotting

A petition circulated before the season began that asked fans to boycott the NFL in support of Kaepernick got almost 200,000 signatures.

Black0ut NFL, which advocates both a boycott of the NFL and for participants to put the time they would have spent watching games into working with kids, says its campaign message has been viewed more than 7 million times.

“I didn’t want to use the NFL, market the NFL like we traditionally do to make money on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

A dreary Sunday afternoon at The Velvet Lounge looked more like a Friday night, with a DJ playing loud, thumping music while people mingled at the bar or crowded around tables with “reserved” signs on them.

One of those was Jon Kirby, a Chicago DJ who asked Johnson if he and some other DJs could do a show at The Velvet Lounge one Sunday.