Mets just win the offseason..

Not because of some unseen weather forecast, but because Sandy Alderson and the Mets won the offseason.

That’s right, the Mets won the offseason.

Let’s start with the projected 2018 Mets lineup: There’s lots of power between Frazier (111 career OPS+), Cespedes (125 career OPS+) and Bruce (110 career OPS+).

But there are a few different reasons why the Mets have handled this offseason shockingly expertly.

The key to the Mets’ offseason is how they’ve spent what limited money they have: Signing a 3.0 WAR player like Frazier to a relatively cheap contract (two years, $17 million) is a big coup.

Bruce signing a three-year, $39 million deal is something of a win, too: He posted 2.7 WAR with the Mets in 2017 before being traded to the Indians (in a salary dump, somewhat ironically).

(Reminder: It was as bad of an idea as showering with a toaster.) Matt Harvey used to be the hero that the Mets needed, but now he’s become an afterthought in their rotation.

Mets fans should be celebrating their team signing the likes of Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta, being that they’re a big-market team.

But when it comes to waiting out the market, getting good value signings and plugging some holes, the Mets handled it masterfully.