Prospects Who Deserve To Shine

Of course, that’s not to say that these guys are those guys, but with the college season inching toward tournament time, it’s nice to spread the love and give some additional shine to prospects who for one reason or another aren’t quite as appreciated as they should be.

Although Marvin Bagley and to a lesser degree Grayson Allen have been the center of attention for the Blue Devils, Carter has a more substantial case than you think as Duke’s best player this season.

Carter leads the team’s regulars in field goal percentage, true shooting percentage, defensive rebound percentage and blocks per game, coming on strong in conference play and showing the diversity of his skill set.

Carter is often critiqued for a perceived lack of elite athleticism, but it pertains more to his quickness off the floor, as Carter moves his feet pretty well and has stepped up defensively in recent weeks as Duke’s chief rim protector.

The funny thing about this Duke team is that its structure might actually be hampering both Carter and Bagley a little bit, given how they’re deployed.

But after missing the first part of the season with a foot issue, Alkins has begun to hit his stride.

The foot issues have cost Alkins 12 games this season, but when he plays, he’s narrowly used more possessions than Trier.

Ayton spends a lot of time floating around the foul line and busting up zones, and Trier has been much-improved in terms of picking his spots this season.

But Brunson hasn’t received the buzz your typical player of the year candidate might, and he definitely warrants added recognition as a legitimate NBA prospect.

But while the conversation waxes and wanes, don’t lose sight of Brunson, who should be an NBA player for a long time.